Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit for Professional LED Dental Treatment

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Our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to help individuals with yellow teeth restore their best smile. Its light emitting technology helps quickly whiten teeth from the comfort of your own home, saving you from expensive dental treatments and lengthy, ineffective solutions.

  • Light Emitting Technology: Whitening light emits blue cold light of 480-520nm wavelengths to accelerate efficient teeth whitening process by activating ingredients in whitening gel to break down stains from wine, coffee, tea, soda, smoking and more, safely restoring pearly white teeth and a bright smile.
  • Quick and Painless: Unlike many dental treatments, our solution is completely painless as it uses only LED light technology. You can use it in the comfort of your own home and skip the trip to the dentist. Just apply the transmitter for one cycle, or 10 minutes, every day and quickly see results within days.
  • Easy Steps
  1. Brush your teeth normally.
  2. Squeeze a small gel strip on the inside of the upper and lower parts of the retainer. Make sure it is mixed and applied.
  3. Put the retainer on your teeth.
  4. Align the light transmitter with the tray
  5. Turn on the light transmitter
  6. The light transmitter will automatically turn off after 10 minutes, marking the completion of the cycle.

**For best results, repeat the cycle 3 times per day.


  • 1x Light Transmitting Device
  • 10x Whitening Gel
  • 1x Upper Retainer
  • 1x Bottom Retainer
  • 1x Teeth Shade Guide
  • 1x Manual


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Customer Reviews

Based on 448 reviews

Very top dental tech


Works incredibly well! Been using it 4 times throughout the day for the last 6 days and Im already noticing my teeth getting whiter.


So happy with my decision to buy this whitening kit. My teeth are yellow because I used to smoke but this is helping me get them whiter!


very effective


Received my order and everything is packaged well. will update once i have tried it.

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