Kitchen Electronic Countdown Timer Clock Pomodoro Technique

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"So practical and easy to use"

- Sharon M., Prime Stash Customer

Effortlessly time yourself while doing different activities such as cooking, reading, working, exercising and sleeping. Simply rotate to set the time and go!

Featuring an ergonomic turning knob and a high-resolution display, our Countdown Timer is designed to be user-friendly while achieving an elegant, minimalistic look. The speed at which the knob is rotated dictates how fast the time is changed. This provides fine-tuned control when setting the time, making it easy to use.Baseus ACDJS-01 Mute Magnetic Catche Timer ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) - Black

  • Kitchen Helper: Perfect for keeping track of time when cooking, ensuring that recipes are correctly followed and that you don't skip a beat. It's convenient design also lets you set the time fast and without hassle. Don't ever again produce inconsistent results when cooking meals.
  • Easy Time Management: Allows you to manage your time effectively by setting alloted time for different activities. If you're into using time management methods like the Pomodoro technique, our countdown timer is just right for you.
  • Quick Time Setting: Set the desired time by turning the knob, instead of having to take too many steps for a simple task. After all, setting a timer or an alarm shouldn't require pressing multiple buttons or learning complicated tech.
  • Magnetic Placement: Its magnetic properties provides the option to place the Countdown Timer on metallic surfaces such as refrigerators or whiteboards.

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Customer Reviews

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It's such an upgrade from having to pull out my phone every single time to set a timer. It's rotation feature makes it soo convenient too!! Highly recommend it :)


Super useful overall. It operates on three AAA batteries (the small ones). No problem with it, super easy to use. There are strong magnets at the back of the timer, so you can stick it onto many surfaces. It can ring on loud, normal, or silent.


It has a cool techy look and works like magic! Love it!


Looks amazing on my kitchen!


Easy to use and makes setting a timer a breeze. 100% recommended

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