Pro Vacuum Sealer for Precise Industrial Food Packaging (5 Vacuum Bags Included)

$98.95 $139.95

Keep your food fresh with our revolutionary and modern equipment. Our Pro Vacuum Sealer will help you store food in an easier, safer, and more effective way. It is engineered to keep meats, vegetables, fruits and even cooked foods fresh for long periods of time. It includes 5 free vacuum bags to get you started.

  • 2 Vacuum Modes: Features different modes for canister or bag sealing. Canister mode works best for vacuuming tupperware. You can just connect your container to the sealer's hole using the included vacuum tube and seal away. Bag mode is better when using plastic, aluminum, or paper bags.
  • 2 Intensity Modes: Pick the Normal intensity mode for regular vacuuming or the Gentle mode when using more delicate/fragile containers.
  • 2 Hydration Modes: Pick between dry and moist modes. Moist mode allows you to seal foods that contain liquids while preventing them from drying up. Dry mode is for best for dry foods.
  • Wider Heating Wire Length: Features a 30 cm heating wire so that you can seal larger amounts of food.
  • Wider Heating Wire Width: Built with a 3 mm wide heating wire for increased sealing tightness, outperforming most vacuum sealers in the market.
  • Easy to Clean: The bottom part is removable and can be directly rinsed with water.
  • Overheat Protection: Equipped with a double spiral heater to prevent excessive temperature risks.


  • 1x Pro Vacuum Sealer
  • 1x Vacuum Tube
  • 5x Vacuum Bags
  • 20x Plastic Rolls




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Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews

Great food sealer! It has so many modes that best fits the container and food type that you're sealing. very happy with my purchase :)


Immediately tried it and it works very well!!!! Very powerful, Thanks


I own a small food shop where we seal and sell foods. this sealing device is the best we've had. it's so effective and you can control the settings for best performance


Delivery is fast. Included tube, five packages and rolls. Works well. Tried different packagings with different modes and works great. The buttons are very intuitive making it very easy to know what to do. Very satisfied


I bought it as a gift. Everything is complete and perfectly packed. Everything is cool

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