Underground Metal Detector MD4030 Gold Finder Detector Treasure Hunter

$87.99 $140.99

Enhance your treasure adventures and find rare metals with our Underground Metal Detector Treasure Hunter. Featuring advanced long-range metal detection technology, it effectively searches for jewelry, silver, gold, relics, coins and metal pieces underground. It is also efficient for detecting aluminum, copper and rare metals that may be concealed below grounded objects. 

  • Effective Metal Finder: Our metal detector is designed to detect and find metal objects, jewelry, and coins in the ground. The gold metal detector is super convenient and seamless to find metal objects which can be placed or hidden on the ground. Other than that it may also help in discovering the places where rare metals can be found.
  • Accurate Detection: The metal detector is designed with advanced technology and user-friendly technique. The height of the metal detector can be adjusted to your preference for comfortable use.
  • Indication System: The metal detector comes with smart detection indicators. It notifies with audio alerts and a needle pointer that measures metal proximity upon detection.
  • Multiple Headphone Jacks: Our detector comes with headphones jacks for headphone connection to notify you upon metal detection. You can use both mono and stereo headphones.
  • Volume Control Option: The gold metal detector comes with an added feature of volume control. It gives you the liberty to adjust the speaker or earphone volume.
  • Waterproof: It is a waterproof metal detector with a waterproof search coil. You can search for the metal in shallow water as well. The durable material and waterproof technology make it long-lasting and highly effective.
  • High-Quality Material: The waterproof metal detector is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. The integrated detectors are cost-effective and convenient for detecting foreign metallic bodies and for raw material testing, exploration, and finding buried treasures.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews

Great quality, I was already able to find several metals/coins in the beach I always go to!


Works well


Works perfectly! The sensor is extremely accurate and fast to alert you on detection.


Gifted it to my son and he loves it! He has spend many hours in our backyard just using it around :)


Thanks! It's perfect for what I needed it for

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